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Apr 16

Apr 5

AI Fridays Academic AI Results (by justin corwin)

A review of Academic AI Research, with a focus on two results I find exciting from the last five years. Turn on annotations for corrections and notes. Next week we’re talking about the for-profit boys.

Apr 4

(via MicroHouse Workshop | Open Source Ecology)
I love this group, and I hope to get them to LA at some point through Crashspace.


(via MicroHouse Workshop | Open Source Ecology)

I love this group, and I hope to get them to LA at some point through Crashspace.

Mar 29

AI Fridays My perspective (by justin corwin)

I hate talking about myself, but it might be important to tell people a bit about why I’m doing this, and what my background in Artificial Intelligence is.

Mar 22

AI Fridays: a Broad Landscape (by justin corwin)

Remember to have Annotations on or you will miss all the notes!

Mar 15

AI Fridays: History (by justin corwin)

Mar 8

AI Fridays March 7 (by justin corwin)

Mar 3

Nov 6


For those keeping track at home, I’m now working a truly dizzying array of cool things, along with NaNoWriMo, my November is truly booked solid:


My space engineering simulator is still moving forward slowly. The full-time we had on it thanks to SpaceGambit support ended recently, but we’re still getting work done on nights and weekends.

AGI Innovations

The AI company that I’ve been working on and off for since 2004 has spun off a new research company. The commercial side of things: SmartAction, is doing extremely well, using conversational agents based on our technology to provide millions of call-minutes a month. So our founder Peter Voss has this new research venture to get back to basic AI research and keep moving forward, while the bulk of the employees remain with SmartAction to service all the customers. I’m spending part time with AGI Innovations doing my old research job, which is nice, after the last few years of commercial coding and customer relations.


I’ve been consulting for a friend’s company who is building an entry to the Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize. Quite aside from the hardware (which is an interesting challenge in itself), the tricorder needs some fancy stepping done in designing its expert systems. I suspect the goal of getting non-trained people to use these understandably is what’s going to trip up a lot of the other teams, which are medical equipment manufacturers and similar who are used to trained and demanding users.

Also the requirement of the tricorder keeping records requires some interesting backend works, HIPPA compliance, the use of standardized medical db formats and interfaces. We have team members doing things like putting together the ability to interact with the VA, and various insurance systems. I suspect some of the other teams might neglect compliance in favor of their own custom solutions, but the goal is for the tricorder to be of use to people standalone AND as part of an existing health facility like a hospice or small nurse station that might not have a lot of fancy equipment.

Eventually of course we want the tricorder to be of use even in professional medical settings like Hospitals and Emergency Care centers, but one thing at a time.


Alongside all this fascinating stuff is the normal background radiation of my life. Running classes and hosting events at Crashspace, writing for NaNoWriMo late at night, trying to perfect my white wine cream sauce, and percolating my long simmering kickstarter for an AI toolkit.

Los Angeles is a stressful but magical place, friends. I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy and so simultaneously happy and stressed. I have so many opportunities, I just need to do well at that.

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